About the Blog Doc!

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!  Here’s a little information about me and why I love being the Blog Doc!

I decided to start the blog doc because, as part of several business focused online groups, I learned that there is a huge gap between the help people need maintaining their blogs and the services available to support those people. I want to fill that gap and be your on-call “Doc” to help you! And for people who would rather do it all themselves, I also love teaching people things they would like to learn about designing and maintaining their blogs.  So either way, I can be your one-stop resource for getting and keeping your blog in tip-top shape.

I call myself a “techno-geek” and have been actively utilizing home computers and software programs for over twenty years.  I even built my own desktop from scratch about 4 years ago just because I wanted to see if I could!  Most recently, with an eye to being the Blog Doc, I received my Associate’s Degree in Web Design in 2012 and am an active participant in several online communities dedicated to the business side of blogging and owning a stamping business.

Did I mention that I am also a Stampin’ up Demonstrator?  This means that I can easily and readily help customers who are stamping business owners get the most from their blogs by being able to respond to and incorporate communication and information from your home office and know which widgets, plug ins and formats will work best to get that information to YOUR customers on your blog.

I live in Wisconsin, land of the cheese head, with my boyfriend of many years, Brad.  I like to read, write on my blog, do photography, play around on my computer and Stamp, Stamp, Stamp.

I LOVE hearing from people with questions, feedback, information and welcome your comments here on my blog.  I look forward to hearing from YOU and I hope you have a great day!

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